Clearaudio Talismann V2 Gold

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Производитель: Clearaudio

Описание Clearaudio Talismann V2 Gold
    The Talismann V2 Gold provides the entry level into the latest \"V2\" - Generation of clearaudio MC cartridges providing outstanding performance for less than 1,000 Euros.
    A major improvement over its predecessor is the use of a patented configuration of 8 magnets, which is characterized by the extremely wide dynamic range.
    In common with all the MC cartridges in the new \"V2\"- Generation, the Talismann V2 Gold is fitted with a Micro HD stylus (HD=High Definition) and a precision boron cantilever.
    The Micro HD diamond achieves a perfect contact with the record groove walls and by virtue of its extremely low mass, is able to faithfully reproduce even the most fine musical details.
    The body of the new Talismann V2 Gold is made out of hand-polished ebony with metal top plate and an internal metal-alloy resonance-suppressing block. The name \"Gold\" refers to the MC generator of the clearaudio Talismann V2 Gold, in which the coils are manufactured from pure 24-karat gold wire.
    The combination of these unique features sets the clearaudio Talismann V2 Gold apart from other MC cartridges in this price range.

    Характеристики Clearaudio Talismann V2 Gold
    Cartridge weight: 10.8 g
    Stylus shape: Micro HD
    Cantilever: Boron
    Coil assembly: Fully symmetrical around pivot point
    Coil material: 24-Karat gold
    Compliance: 15/15 µ/mN
    Recommended tracking force: 2.8 g
    Crosstalk: > 30 dB
    Channel difference: < 0.5 dB
    Output voltage: 0.7 mV at 5 cm/s
    Cartridge Impedance: 30 Ohms
    Cartridge body: Hand polished ebony wood with metal alloy internal resonance damping

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