Aton Storm A53W

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Производитель: Aton

The Aton Storm A53W features a pivoting 1\" titanium tweeter positioned centrally between two high performance 5.25\" kevlar midrange / bass drivers. The A53W has angled baffle (15 degrees) to allow you flexibility in placement for the desired sound field. The left and right channel speakers to be angled inward, providing a natural toe in of the soundstage. And for installations that requires the centre channel speaker to be above or below a plasma - LCD or other screen, the A53W can be located to provide excellent placement of the all important centre channel dialogue


    * System Type:- 2-Way MTM Design, In Wall
    * Bass Drivers:- Dual 5.25\" Woven Kevlar
    * Tweeter:- 1\" Titanium Pivoting
    * Crossover:- 3rd Order Custom Q & Slope 2.4 kHz
    * Sensitivity:- 88 dB
    * Frequency Response:- 40 Hz – 20 kHz
    * Power:- 150 W
    * Impedance:- 6 Ohms
    * Switches:- Treble and Bass
    * Cutout Dimensions:-  184 mm x 365 mm
    * Outside Dimensions:- 213 mm x 392 mm
    * Depth:- 102 mm

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