Clearaudio Double Matrix

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Производитель: Clearaudio

Clearaudio Double Matrix Машина для двухсторонней чистки виниловых дисков.

Машина для чистки виниловых дисков Clearaudio Double Matrix

The total innovation of record cleaning: 

· Ergonomic one-step double sided record washing procedure 
· Single cleaning arm removes fluid and contaminant from both sides of the LP 
at once 
· Highly efficient cooling system allows continuous use for many hours without 
· Integrated self-cleaning procedure of all cleaning elements 
· The innovative cleaning brushes discharge static electricity during cleaning 

What more can be done for vinyl care? 

Мощность мотора: 800 W# Вольтаж: 230 V / 50 Hz either 120 V / 60 Hz# Вес: Приблизительно 22 kg# Размер в мм: 470 x 370 x 220

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