Clearaudio Satisfy

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Производитель: Clearaudio

Поворотный тонарм Clearaudio Satisfy Sixtream с сапфировым подшипником (порт RCA) материал: аллюминий.

Поворотный тонарм Clearaudio Satisfy 

The clearaudio difference is not subtle! The difference to other manufacturers is that we tend to set standards in every class by designing milestones. The features of the Satisfy you would find only realised in a few of the best tonearms. 

• High quality handmade Swiss vertical and lateral bearings 
• Pure polished sapphire bearing materials 
• Available Directwired for unbroken signal path from the cartridge pins through the arm tube to the phono-preamplifier or with high quality clearaudio RCA jack connectors 
• Different arm tube materials: aluminium, carbon fibre, ebony-wood and satinй-wood 
• Elegantly innovative magnetic anti-skating control 

We think we did it all. You’ll be astonished by both the appearance and the sound quality, which really satisfies! 

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