Transparent PowerIsolator 8 US Plug

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Производитель: Transparent

8 high-current, grounded, noise-isolated USA or EU outlets or 7 UK outlets.
4 separate noise-isolated banks for all types of components including power amplifiers.
Upgrade performance by plugging in only 1 component per bank.
Free-standing or rack-mount operation (rack mount ears included).
Hefty aluminum chassis with internal epoxy damping provides a stable and quiet structure to house the delicate noise filtration and surge protection circuitry, thus further lowering the noise floor.
Circuit layout enhances electrical isolation.
Detachable high-current PowerLink Plus power cord.
Replace PLP power cord with a higher-performing Transparent power cord for an upgrade.
Choose PowerLink Plus power cords or better for connected components to provide the full benefits of PowerIsolator 8 performance.
2 rack spaces high.
Available in versions for USA, UK, EU, and other power applications.


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